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All About Vaping and Your Teeth

Vaping and your Teeth

We know cigarettes are bad for your teeth, but what about vapes? Vaping is a recent trend. Recently, vaping-related conditions made the news. Does it have a similarly negative effect on teeth? Read this article to learn all about vaping and your teeth.

What is Vaping?

Vaping is an electronic substance delivery form. Systems include cartridges, electronic cigarettes, and vape pens. The electronic liquids these devices deliver contain nicotine and glycerin. An electric current heats the liquid into a gas, which the user inhales. That’s what “vaping” is.

Vaping exposes the mouth and lungs to a number of chemicals. These are either produced in the vaporizing process or contained in the fluids. E-cigarette product vapor contains toxic chemicals and carcinogens. These are substances that cause cancer. A recent study on exposure to e-liquid aerosol found it led to bacteria overgrowth. This is in the crevices and the pits of the teeth. Excess bacteria cause cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease.

A 2018 report suggested vaped gases can harm oral health. They cause inflammation in the mouth. At any rate, vaping is less harmful to oral health than smoking.

Vaping and Your Teeth: What Does the ADA Say?

The ADA has issued a statement on the use of oral tobacco. This included vaping. The institution’s president urged people to stop using all tobacco products. “Vaping is not a safe” said ADA President Chad Gehani, DDS “It can be just as dangerous as cigarette smoking.”

The ADA advocates work on research on the effects of nicotine delivery products. This is part of their policy on use of tobacco. The ADA House of Delegates passed a resolution in September 2019. According to it, the word “vaping” will be added to their policy. This applies to words for all other nicotine delivery systems. They hope to augment measures targeting tobacco use prevention.

The ADA applauded the White House. They have a plan against flavored non-tobacco e-cigarettes. They plan to eliminate them from the market. This will include menthol and mint flavors. The ADA asked Congress members to put stricter vaping regulations in place. It was one of 50 health protection watchdogs to do so. They can achieve this by extending sponsorship to a specific law. This is the Reversing the Youth Tobacco Epidemic Act of 2019. This bill will help limit use of vaping devices and liquids. It will include sale, flavoring, and marketing control.

Preventing Oral Health Problems

Thank you for reading our post on vaping and your teeth. Oradent Associates has high-quality technology and we apply all the latest procedures. Our team aims to provide our patients with the best care possible. We can help you quit vaping. A lot of people turn to vaping to quit smoking, but studies show these people don’t have a good chance of quitting. It is smaller than those who didn’t start vaping. We can improve and protect your oral health. We have a host of preventive options. One of our dentists will check your teeth, jaw, and gums. They will assess your risk for decay, infection, or illness. We can perform cleanings and do an X-ray. We can help prevent oral health problems. Oradent Associates does this by reviewing your oral hygiene routine.

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