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4 Things To Know About ADA-Approved Toothpastes

We love to have choices. We have hundreds of television stations to choose from, endless movie options at the box office, and about a million kinds of hot sauce in the grocery store aisle. While choice can be a great thing, it can also lead to unnecessary anxiety as we compare two relatively similar products … Continued

Too Much Of A Good Thing: When Brushing Becomes A Problem

Far and away, if someone is having a problem with how frequently they’re brushing their teeth, it’s likely that they aren’t doing it often enough. Most dentists recommend brushing for at least two minutes twice a day, but plenty of people skirt the timer or simply forget to brush before going to sleep on occasion. … Continued

When Should I See My Dentist about Bad Breath?

Bad breath is a fact of life, but one that can be particularly inconvenient when you’re heading into a job interview, meeting up with a date, or just talking with friends. Mints and gum can mask bad breath, but won’t be effective if it’s the result of something more than the extra garlic you had … Continued

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