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How Much Do You Really Know About Cavities? Test Your Knowledge!

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We all know that developing good dental hygiene habits is important for preventing cavities, but how much else do we really know about tooth decay? Let’s put your knowledge to the test! By answering these questions correctly, you’ll know that you’re fully prepared to combat tooth decay in order to maintain a healthy smile.

True or False: Sugar does lead to cavities.

Answer: True. You probably heard “sugar will rot your teeth” quite a bit as a child. Well, there is actually some truth to your parents’ warnings. When you eat sugar, it feeds the bacteria in plaque that you have on your teeth. Then, this plaque will excrete acids that wear down your dental enamel. The more sugar that the bacteria consume, the more corrosive acids they excrete onto your teeth. Ultimately, these acids are the cause of tooth decay and leave a pit or cavity in the surface of your tooth that will need to be repaired.

True or False: Your foods begin wearing down your teeth as you’re eating them.

Answer: False. As mentioned above, bacteria in plaque turn the sugars in your food into acids that eventually harm your enamel. However, luckily for us, this process can take around 20 minutes. Therefore, if you brush your teeth immediately after eating a meal, you can remove this harmful plaque and prevent this process of decay from occurring.

True or False: It doesn’t matter when you treat your cavities, so long as you do!

Answer: False. Actually, it is quite important that you visit the dentist as soon as possible when you have a cavity. Otherwise, you risk having further damage or decay on your tooth, which may require more extensive dental repairs. Thankfully, your dentist at Oradent Associates can treat your cavities with tooth-colored fillings that are virtually invisible.

True or False: Cavities are more likely to form between teeth.

Answer: True. While our mouths are filled with bacteria, they really have a tendency to wreak havoc between your teeth. This is because it is much harder to reach these spots with your toothbrush, and therefore the bacteria in plaque have more time to corrode your enamel. For this same reason, you may also find that you get cavities in the hard-to-reach places on your molars. In order to prevent this from occurring, be certain to pay very close attention to these spots when brushing and flossing!

True or False: Cavities are easily preventable.

Answer: True. Preventing cavities is actually quite easy—all it requires is a thorough dental hygiene routine! You’ll want to brush and floss daily (as well as after meals, if possible). Also, be sure to purchase toothpaste that contains fluoride. This will be helpful in preventing cavities as it strengthens your dental enamel. Finally, you’ll want to skip out on the sugary sweets. By passing up on candy, soda, and other junk foods that are heavy in sugar, you can cut down on the opportunities for cavities to form.

If you think you might have a cavity, be sure to call Oradent Associates in Chicago today! With a thorough examination, we’ll be able to pinpoint any spots of decay on your teeth and remedy the issue straight away!

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