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Tips for Taking Care of a Filling

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If you’ve recently had a cavity filled, there’s a slight chance that you’re experiencing moderate pain or sensitivity. Teeth can be sore or sensitive for a few hours or even days after leaving the dentist’s office, and it’s natural to want to alleviate the pain as well as reduce your risk of further injuring your mouth. While the pain and sensitivity are fortunately temporary, there are certain steps you can take in the meantime to make yourself more comfortable while things heal up and return to normal!

1. Avoid the extremes.

Both hot and cold can aggravate a sensitive tooth, so try avoiding any food or drinks that are extreme in temperature.

2. Take your time.

While eating, make sure that you bite and chew slowly and delicately. Chewing causes a lot of pressure on our teeth, and this pressure can lead to pain in sensitive areas. If possible, avoid chewing or biting all the way through food, as tooth-to-tooth contact will increase pressure. Additionally, try to chew on the side of your mouth that did not have a cavity filled.

3. Say no to sticky foods.

It’s best to avoid overly sticky foods like toffee and caramel after having a cavity filled, as fillings can become dislodged if they have not had time to set. Depending on the type of filling you receive, the likelihood of losing it to food will vary.

4. Choose delicate foods.

Hard, tough foods such as nuts, ice, and hard candies can both dislodge a new filling as well as cause pain through an increased pressure in your bite. When it comes to sensitive fillings, silver fillings take the longest to set and can be dislodged by tough foods easiest.

5. Be polite.

It’s always polite to chew with your mouth closed, but after having a cavity filled it becomes even more important. Sucking in air while chewing can expose a sensitive tooth to sudden cold, causing a shooting pain through the jaw.

6. Skip out on dessert.

We all know sugar is bad for our teeth, but it’s particularly important to avoid sugary foods after a cavity has been filled! Sodas, candy, and other sugar-dense foods are known to cause pain to already sensitive teeth. Additionally, sugar from these foods can lodge itself under a new filling, encouraging bacterial growth and causing further damage and decay to a recently repaired cavity.

While it is completely normal to experience some sensitivity after having a cavity filled, if you experience intense pain or your pain lingers for several days, contact your dentist as a larger issue may be at play. Additionally, as with any oral concerns, keeping your mouth clean and healthy is the best way to tackle issues as they arise. Brushing twice daily and flossing are integral parts to any oral health regimen!

If you have questions or concerns about cavities or fillings, or simply to schedule a routine appointment, give us a call at Oradent Associates in Chicago today!

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