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Foods and Drinks to Avoid: Tips from Your Local Dentist

There are certain foods and beverages that you should avoid if you want strong and healthy teeth. This article gives a brief overview. Enjoy this quick guide from your local dentist. Grain Foods Grain foods are supposed to be healthy, aren’t they? Maybe – for everything but the teeth. Wheat, barley, and other grains contain … Continued

What Are Dental Sealants and How Can They Help?

Protecting your teeth is important for a variety of reasons, from your health to your physical appearance to your general ability to enjoy food without issue. While brushing twice daily and flossing should be enough to keep teeth in tip top shape, did you know that there is more that you can be doing to … Continued

Tips for Taking Care of a Filling

If you’ve recently had a cavity filled, there’s a slight chance that you’re experiencing moderate pain or sensitivity. Teeth can be sore or sensitive for a few hours or even days after leaving the dentist’s office, and it’s natural to want to alleviate the pain as well as reduce your risk of further injuring your … Continued

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