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How Dental Health Affects Your Overall Health

Your dental health is more important than you may believe. This article explains how the health of your teeth, mouth, and gums affects your overall health. The Connection between Dental Health and General Health Problems in your oral cavity can have wide-ranging implications on your overall health. Most of the (copious amounts of) bacteria in … Continued

All About Vaping and Your Teeth

We know cigarettes are bad for your teeth, but what about vapes? Vaping is a recent trend. Recently, vaping-related conditions made the news. Does it have a similarly negative effect on teeth? Read this article to learn all about vaping and your teeth. What is Vaping? Vaping is an electronic substance delivery form. Systems include … Continued

When Should I See My Dentist about Bad Breath?

Bad breath is a fact of life, but one that can be particularly inconvenient when you’re heading into a job interview, meeting up with a date, or just talking with friends. Mints and gum can mask bad breath, but won’t be effective if it’s the result of something more than the extra garlic you had … Continued

3 Health Habits that May Be Contributing to Tooth Decay

Research shows that taking proper care of your teeth has implications for overall health. Studies have shown a link between gum infections and health issues like complications with diabetes and heart disease. Similarly, your overall healthy lifestyle habits can improve your dental health. For example, appropriate nutrition contributes to strong teeth and enamel. But some … Continued

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